StructureThe most important objective of EURACOAL is to highlight, in the interests of its Members, the importance of coal’s contribution to a secure, competitive and sustainable energy supply for Europe and to attain an acceptable European regulatory framework.

The contributions from EURACOAL Members to energy and environmental policy issues at national level are therefore as important as the collective representation of their interests in Brussels.

EURACOAL is therefore not only a platform for voicing the collective interests of its Members, but it is also a forum for information exchange through which EURACOAL Members may discuss national concerns of the coal industry.

The Brussels’ office of EURACOAL works closely with the European Commission and the European Parliament.  Since Member States are responsible for their national energy policy and because of their strong role in the EU legislation process, EURACOAL also puts an accent on national representation in the individual Member States. EURACOAL Members are therefore striving to discuss European coal-related issues with national Ministers, in view of debates held within the Council of Ministers.

EURACOAL’s activities are directed towards:

  • Continuously informing its Members from Brussels about all coal-relevant  EU activities
  • Providing a platform for its Members to have discussions and exchanges of opinion
  • Voicing the interests of its Members on energy and environment policy issues at European level
  • Creating adequate political and regulatory conditions for the coal industry, especially via the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council
  • Participating in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue and the Economic and Social Committee
  • Exchanging information and maintaining professional working relations with the European Commission and the European Parliament
  • Cooperating with the politically relevant associations and interest groups in order to improve the image of coal.