EURACOAL Presentations

ICE-CMM Workshop on Post-Mining Perspectives: capture and use of abandoned mine methane and mine reclamation and revitalization of post-mining areas, 26 February 2020, Krakow

Magdalena CHAWUŁA-KOSURI (EURACOAL Deputy Secretary General): EU Policy and Regulations on Coal and Methane: the coal industry’s perspective

A tour of recent developments in EU climate and energy policy: the implications for coal and lignite
presented at international conferences in Istanbul, Dnipro, Bełchatów, Sofia, Kraków and Budapest during April and May 2018

Brian RICKETTS (EURACOAL Secretary-General): A tour of recent developments in EU climate and energy policy – the implications for coal and lignite

International Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy, 29 August to 1 September 2017, Katowice

Brian RICKETTS (EURACOAL Secretary-General): Global Trends in Coal Production and Consumption – winds of change

International Conference: Trends and Prospects of Coal Production and Usage in Ukraine and Globally, InterContinental Hotel, Kyiv, 14 June 2017

Torsten WÖLLERT (Team Leader – Energy and Environment, Support Group for Ukraine, European Commission): Clean Energy for all Europeans – socially fair energy transition

Brian RICKETTS (EURACOAL Secretary-General): Global Trends of Coal Production and Consumption – winds of change

Coaltrans World Coal Leaders Network™, Lisbon, 17 October 2016

Dr. Wolfgang CIESLIK (EURACOAL President): Energy Union – coal’s role in the EU’s planned shift to renewables

Bankers’ Lunch Meeting, London, 8 October 2015

Mr. Nigel YAXLEY (EURACOAL Vice President): European Coal Policy

International Fair Plovdiv, 24-25 September 2012

Sustainable Mining Development in Europe – conference programme

Brian RICKETTS (EURACOAL Secretary-General): EU Energy Roadmap 2050 & the future of coal in Europe

Coaltrans Geneva, 1-2 March 2012

Brian RICKETTS (EURACOAL Secretary-General): Prospects for European Domestic Hard Coal Production Post Subsidies

EC Fossil Fuels Forum – Working Group, Brussels, 25 May 2011

Dr. Joachim WITZEL (MÁTRA): Working with National Authorities – an example from Hungary (in co-operation with the Hungarian Office for Mining and Geology)

18th Handelsblatt Annual Conference – Energy Industry 2011, Berlin, 18-20 January 2011

Brian RICKETTS (EURACOAL Secretary General): Global development of the energy markets – coal perspectives

EC Fossil Fuels Forum Plenary, Berlin, 19 October 2010

Dr. Hartmuth ZEISS (EURACOAL President): Coal and Environment – a case study

EC Fossil Fuels Forum – Working Group, Brussels, 21 September 2010

Dr. Lars KULIK (RWE Power AG): Best Practices in Lignite Mining – from the planning process to rehabilitation

SSDCEI Conference “Recognizing trends in accidents causes and promoting relevant guidelines and best practices”, 26 November 2009

Dr.-Ing. Rudolf SCHUMACHERS (RAG Aktiengesellschaft): Fallstudie – Maßnahmen und Erfolge im Arbeitsschutz bei der RAG Aktiengesellschaft

EC Fossil Fuels Forum Plenary, Berlin, 12-13 October 2009

Mr. Petr PUDIL (President EURACOAL): The future of coal in Europe – new look at indigenous resources

Dr. George MILOJCIC (DEBRIV): About the benefits of a CO2 transport and storage infrastructure in Europe – a coal industry perspective

NATO – Brussels, 24 September 2009

Dr. Thorsten DIERCKS (Secretary-General, EURACOAL): Coal´s contribution to security of supply in Europe

World Mining Congress 2008

Dr. Maksymilian KLANK (President, EURACOAL): The Role of Coal in Europe

Workshop on Clean Coal Technologies, Regional Office of Silesia – Brussels, 10 June 2008

Dr. Thorsten DIERCKS (Secretary-General, EURACOAL): Workshop on Clean Coal Technologies

London, 13 September 2007

Dr. Thorsten DIERCKS (Secretary-General, EURACOAL): EU Initiatives on Clean Coal and Carbon Capture

Bełchatów, 11 June 2007

Dr. Thorsten DIERCKS (Secretary-General, EURACOAL): Coal in Current European Union Policies – the Energy Package of January 2007

Hard Coal Mining – Present Day and Prospects, Katowice, 14 November 2006

Pan Nigel YAXLEY (EURACOAL President): Perspektywy dla wegla w Europie

Mr. Nigel YAXLEY (EURACOAL President): Prospects for Coal in Europe

European Coal Mining Forum, Bochum, 30 October 2006

Mr. Nigel YAXLEY (EURACOAL President): Dimensions of Hard Coal as Energy Source for Europe

Coaltrans Athens, 23 October 2006

Mr. Nigel YAXLEY (EURACOAL President): European Policy Developments and the Coal Industry’s Response

EC Fossil Fuels Forum, Berlin, 9 October 2006

Mr. Nigel YAXLEY (EURACOAL President): Coal in the Future EU Energy Mix

Most, Czech Republic, 13 September 2006

Dr. Thorsten DIERCKS (Secretary-General, EURACOAL): Coal in European Power Policy