3rd – November 2012



Press Release
Joint Statement of CEEP, EURACOAL and WCA

Breakfast with CEEP

Dr. Joachim Witzel (Matrai Erömü): Coal industry across Europe – the Hungarian experience


Samuele Furfari (European Commission): Fuelling economic and industrial growth in Europe and beyond
Dr. Nikki Williams (Australian Coal Association): Coal´s contribution to the economic development of Australia
Gina Downes (Eskom): The role of coal in addressing energy poverty in South Africa
Irfan K. Ali (TharPak Consortium): Coal the economic engine for development of Pakistan
Robert Kozlowski (JSW SA): CO2 emissions – their influence and impact on the Polish economy

International Round Table on Coal: Clean Coal Technologies

Jean-François Gagné (IEA): High-efficiency low-emisisons coal-fired power generation – technology roadmap
Vladimir Budinsky (Chair UNECE ad-hoc group on cleaner electricity production from coal and other FF): Improving the efficiency of coal-fired electricity production – the Prunerov case
Yoshihiko Sakanashi (JPower): Japan´s experience – incentivising the deployment of high-efficiency coal-fired power plants

EEF Dinner Debate: Coal: the global picture

Dr. Hartmuth Zeiss (Vattenfall): COAL – the global picture

invitation EESC-169x240EURACOAL Photo Exhibition

Exhibition Catologue

High-Level Dialogue

Jean-Pierre Damm (IndustriAll): The social dimension of coal in Europe
Speech by Dr. Maksymilian Klank, Vice President of EURACOAL
Ricardo Gonzalez Mantero (General Director for Energy and Mining in Castilla y Leon): The case of Castilla y Leon
Dr. Renata Eisenvortova: The Czech case
Dr. Filip Grzegorczyk (Kompania Weglowa): The Polish case

Breakfast with Carbunion

Dr. George Milojcic (DEBRIV): Clean Coal – Importance for prosperity and growth
Carlos de Dios Gonzalez (CIUDEN): Technology development programme: CO2 capture, transport and storage