European Round Table on Coal

The European Round Table on Coal meets regularly in the European Parliament, co-chaired by Dr. Christian Ehler MEP and Prof. Jerzy Buzek MEP. Documents from recent meetings can be found below, whilst older documents can be found in the archive.

25th European Round Table on Coal, 2 June 2015
“The Energy Union – What will Europe’s energy future look like?”

with MEP Marek Gróbarczyk, Rapporteur for the European Parliament’s opinion on Energy Union


24th European Round Table on Coal, 28 January 2015
“First Coal Round of the 8th European Parliament”

with Prof. Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, Director – Internal Energy Market, European Commission DG Energy

Press Release

Marcinkiewicz - Plakat A3 2014_02 ENG2-170x24023rd European Round Table on Coal, 27 March 2014
“European Coal: a long way come, a long way to go”

with Mr. Dominique Ristori, Director-General for Energy, European Commission


An Action Plan for Coal in the 21st Century

4ECD-Poster-169x24022nd European Round Table on Coal, 13 November 2013
“Coal Gasification”


Claudio Marisco (ThyssenKrupp Uhde GmbH): Coal gasification renewed – technology options to exploit Europe´s coal reserves

Coal gasification in Spain final-240x180
Francisco Garcia Pena (ELCOGAS): Coal gasification in Spain – the future of sustainable coal

CCTC_Brussels 2013-240x180
Prof. Krzysztof Stańczyk (GIG – Główny Instytut Górnictwa or Central Mining Insitute): The new Clean Coal Technology Centre and underground coal gasification in Poland

21 RToC poster-169x24021st European Round Table on Coal, 24 September 2013
“Intelligent Coal Mining: corporate and R&D strategies to 2020 and beyond”


Zbigniew Stopa & Roger de Bazelaire (Lubelski Węgiel „BOGDANKA” S.A.): Doubling output from the Lublin coal basin to power Poland from Europe’s biggest underground coal mine

HAIGH Alan - Coal Day EP 18 Sept-240x180
Alan Haigh (European Commission): 10 years of coal-related research funded through the RFCS

Marcinkiewicz Poster A3-170x24020th European Round Table on Coal, 23 April 2013
“A 2030 framework for EU climate and energy policies”


20130423 RToC Smolen rev02-240x180
Paweł Smoleń, EURACOAL President (PGE S.A.): A 2030 framework for EU climate and energy policies

03_Rozszerzenie obecnej dzia-240x180
Dr. Filip Grzegorczyk (Kompania Węglowa S.A.): Planned investments in new hard coal-fired power plants in Poland – energy security, energy efficiency and low emission for the long term

19th RToC-169x24019th European Round Table on Coal, 22 January 2013
“CO2 Capture and Storage: infrastructure of common interest”

Press Release: European Association for Coal and Lignite calls for MEPs to vote against ETS back-loading proposal


Braunkohlepräsentation Brüssel 2013 final neu-240x180
Prof. Dr. Ulrich van Suntum (University of Münster): Benefits, design and financing of a CO2 transport and storage infrastructure

coal and backloading ver  21 01_final_wers_2-240x180
Marek Kloczko (Polish Chamber of Commerce): EU ETS – Why an international agreement is needed before structural reform

Rybnik elektrownia-240x180
Rybnik power plant project, Poland

CoalDaysposter-169x240International Round Table on Coal, 13 November 2012
“Clean Coal Technologies”


Jean-François Gagné (IEA): High-efficiency low-emisisons coal-fired power generation – technology roadmap

Budinsky UNECE-240x180
Vladimir Budinsky (Chair UNECE ad-hoc group on cleaner electricity production from coal and other FF): Improving the efficiency of coal-fired electricity production – the Prunerov case

Mr SAKANASHI's presentation (WCA)-240x170
Yoshihiko Sakanashi (JPower): Japan’s experience – incentivising the deployment of high-efficiency coal-fired power plants

coal2012-169x24018th European Round Table on Coal, 18 September 2012
“EU Emissions Trading Scheme: fit for purpose”


Jerzy Janikowski (TAURON Polska Energia SA): Coal-fired power plants & the impact of the EU ETS & climate policy on the European economy

20120918 Coal_Round Yaxley rev03-240x180
Nigel Yaxley, EURACOAL Market Committee Chairman (CoalImp): On DG Climate Action’s proposal to back-load EU ETS auctioning

Poster-169x240  17th European Round Table on Coal, 6 June 2012
“Horizon 2020 – best use of fossil fuels”


Patrick Clerens (EPPSA): Importance of including flexible and efficient conventional power generation in the Horizon 2020 programme

Prof. Mathias Seitz (IBI): Innovative Process Technology for refining lignite – R&D needs

16th RToC poster-170x24016th European Round Table on Coal, 21 March 2012
“Energy Roadmap 2050: efficient and flexible back-up from coal”


Alan Svoboda (CEZ): Energy Roadmap 2050 – a view from the utility industry

Wolfgang Dirschauer (Vattenfall): Efficiency and flexibility of coal-fired power plants

Prezen (2012 03 21) CEEP PE(Brussels) final-240x180
Bogdan Janicki (CEEP): Saving CO2 – a proposal to renew coal-fired power plants

Agenda_15th European Round Table on Coal-166x240

coal round patch-169x240
Impressions from the 15th European Round Table on Coal

15th European Round Table on Coal, 29 November 2011
“Managing Greenhouse Gases in a Low-Carbon Economy”


Brussels_111129 Heithoff CCU-240x169
Dr. Johannes Heithoff (RWE Power): CO2 Capture and Use (CCU)

2011-11-29_Carbon Footprints of Fossil Fuels-240x180
Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Schiffer (RWE Power): Carbon footprints of fossil fuels for power generation – comparison of the carbon footprint of pipeline gas from Russia and Norway with those of LNG, shale gas and coal

Dr. Tim Cockerill (Imperial College London): Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) as a policy tool

14th coal round-240x16914th European Round Table on Coal, 31 May 2011
“Coal Conversion Technologies: new products from coal and lignite”


P5'11 Presentation Euracoal-240x169
Serge Périneau (World CTL): Coal to Liquid Fuels, Natural Gas & Chemicals: a global perspective

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Meyer (Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg): From Mining to Refining – innovative concepts for making the most of coal

13th European Round Table on Coal, 16 March 2011
“Surging Global Demand For Coal: what it means for the EU”


20110316 Coal_Round ZEISS rev02-240x180
Dr.-Ing. Hartmuth Zeiß, EURACOAL President (Vattenfall Europe Mining AG & Vattenfall Europe Generation AG): Global Coal: trends and outlook

Dr. Kevin Rosner (Institute for the Analysis of Global Security): Russian Coal: Europe’s new energy challenge

Moritz Paulus (Institute of Energy Economics): China’s Coal Demand Boom: the end of cheap coal for Europe?

European Coal Days update-p2-240x24012th European Round Table on Coal, 10 November 2010
“The Role of Coal within a Future Energy Mix”


Lowe Coalround-240x169
Philip Lowe (DG Energy): The role of coal within a future energy mix

Zeiss CoalRoundTable-240x180
Dr.-Ing. Hartmuth Zeiß, EURACOAL President (Vattenfall Europe Mining AG & Vattenfall Europe Generation AG): CCS – technoligical achievements and political challenges / TEXT

Eyll-Vetter Coalround-240x169
Michael Eyll-Vetter (RWE Power AG): Coal – a sustainable energy source with long-term reliability

11th European Round Table on Coal, 15 September 2010
“CCS infrastructure, State aid update and coal sector investment”


Milojcic - Benefits of CCS infrastructure 15092010-240x169
Dr.-Ing. George Milojcic, EURACOAL Energy Policy Committee Chairman (Debriv): About the benefits of a CO2 transport and storage infrastructure in Europe – a coal industry perspective

Wodopia - State Aid 15092010-240x169
Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Wodopia, EURACOAL Vice President (GVSt): Update on coal industry state aid in the EU

Brewer - Investment coal prod and use 15092010-240x169
David Brewer, EURACOAL Environment Committee Chairman (CoalPro): Investment in coal production and use – opportunities, barriers and solutions

10th European Round Table on Coal, 24 March 2010
“Update on coal-related EU policy”

9th European Round Table on Coal, 18 February 2009
“Discussion of Draft Report and Amendments on the Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Industrial Emissions”

8th European Round Table on Coal, 4 November 2008
“Draft CCS Directive”

7th European Round Table on Coal, 2 September 2008
“Amendments on CCS Regulatory Framework”

6th European Round Table on Coal, 4 June 2008
“CCS Regulatory Framework”

5th European Round Table on Coal, 10 April 2008
“Draft Directive on CCS”

4th European Round Table on Coal, 29 January 2008
“Expected Directive on CCS Technology”

3rd European Round Table on Coal, 29 November 2007
“CCS – Emissions Trading”

2nd European Round Table on Coal, 4 September 2007
“Prognos Study – the role of coal in Europe – Emissions Trading”

1st European Round Table on Coal, 2007
“Inaugural meeting”