Committee activities are a cornerstone of EURACOAL’s work.  They elaborate positions on energy, environment and research policy matters as well as on coal markets.  They also offer EURACOAL members the opportunity for close collaboration, thus improving members’ knowledge and understanding of EU activities and their implications.  Some of the most important activities are:

  • Access to resources, i.e. no hasty abandonment of mines and the protection of raw materials deposits by the legal system
  • EU climate protection policies such as GHG/CO2 trading under the EU Emissions Trading System
  • EU policies and regulations to demonstrate carbon capture, storage and use
  • Clean air policy, as reflected in directives on Large Combustion Plants, Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control and Industrial Emissions
  • Management of mining wastes and residues from power plants
  • Water protection during mining activities and groundwater management
  • Nature protection and conservation, including mine rehabilitation projects
Committee Chair
Energy and Environment Policy Dr. Thorsten Diercks
Technical Research Dr. Alicja Krzemień
Market Ms. Anetta Piszczek