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Mr. Vladimír Budinský, First Vice President of EURACOAL (right) at a preview of the 7th edition of “Coal industry across Europe” in the European Parliament, 28 January 2020 with (L-R) Mr. Lou Hrkman, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Clean Coal and Carbon Management, US Department of Energy; host MEP Grzegorz Tobiszowski; and MEP Zbigniew Kuźmiuk
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EURACOAL VP Mr. Phil Garner (left) and MEP Jan Březina at launch of “Coal industry across Europe 2011” in the European Parliament, 6 October 2011
7th edition 2020
6th edition 2017
5th edition 2013
4th edition 2011
3rd edition 2008
2nd edition 2005

EURACOAL special report

NGOs For Sale – how the US super-rich influence EU climate and energy policy (2015)

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EURACOAL Vice President, Mr. Nigel Yaxley
EURACOAL VP Mr. Nigel Yaxley at St.Barbara’s Day launch of “Coal: fuel for the 21st century”, 4 December 2014
Coal: Fuel for the 21st Century (2014)
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An Energy Strategy for Europe: importance and best use of indigenous coal (2009)
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The future role of coal in Europe (2007)
Die Zukunft der Kohle in Europa (2007)
PROGNOS Report: the future role of coal in Europe (2007)

Clean Coal (2005)
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Coal & Europe (2004)