EC-EURACOAL Coal Dialogue, 8 July 2015

Dr. Erich Schmitz (VDKi): Keynote on the future role of coal in Europe and current challenges
Prof. Emmanouil Kakaras (EPPSA): Status of Coal-fired Power Generation & Export Potential for Europe’s Re-industrialisation
Wolfgang Schneider (DG RTD, RFCS): Research Fund for Coal and Steel
Janusz Olszowski (GIPH): Coal in Poland’s energy mix –a need for investment and action plan for the future
Richard Simon-Lewis (Capture Power Ltd): The White Rose CCS Project: a pathway to regional decarbonisation
Marianne Wenning (DG ENVI C): Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) 2010/75/EU – Large Combustion Plants (LCP) BREF review
Malgorzata Wiatros-Motyka (IEA Clean Coal Centre): Overview of environmental standards for coal-fired power plants in major coal demand centres
Hans ten Berge (Eurelectric): European power sector comments on the LCP BREF revision
Marios Leonardos (PPC): A view from Greece on LCP BREF
Sylvain Lefebvre (industriAll): Coal Industry Restructuring – energy policy from the social perspective
Céline Gauer (DG COMP B): EU rules for state aid support in the coal industry
Mercedes Martín González (Carbunión): State of the coal industry in Spain – restructuring and support for indigenous coal production