Coal Round meets to discuss Energy Union

Speakers Brendan DEVLIN, Marek GRÓBARCZYK, Jerzy BUZEK and Christian EHLER

Mr. Marek GRÓBARCZYK MEP, rapporteur for the Energy Union dossier and Mr. Brendan DEVLIN, Advisor in DG Energy, joined Prof. Jerzy BUZEK MEP and Dr. Christian EHLER MEP, co-chairs of the 25th Coal Round.

Dr SCHMITZ putting forward industry’s arguments

Prof. BUZEK remarked that “low emissions”, not “decarbonisation”, was the objective for the energy sector. Dr EHLER expressed his concern that the European Commission failed to address coal use in its Energy Union communication.

Participants at the Coal Round

Rapporteur GRÓBARCZYK believed that Energy Union should be supported by three pillars: conventional and unconventional sources, nuclear and renewables in a mix that keeps prices under control. He concluded by offering his support to coal and for keeping coal in the European energy mix.