Coal Round takes off in the 8th European Parliament

Dr. Christian EHLER MEP and Prof. Jerzy BUZEK MEP hosted the first European Round Table on Coal of the new Parliament. MEPs from across the Union came along to better understand coal and the contribution it makes to a secure and reliable energy supply: 28% of the EU’s electricity is produced from coal.

Prof. BUZEK expressed his pleasure to be once again working with the coal industry. He reflected that when he entered the European Parliament in 2004, his first assignment in Brussels outside of the Parliament was a European Commission meeting with EURACOAL.

Prof. Klaus-Dieter BORCHARDT gave the keynote address, touching on many of the major issues facing the energy sector, as viewed from his position in the European Commission where he is Director – Internal Energy Market. The idiom that “coal is a fuel of the past” is false, he said, “coal is back” with a leading share in power generation, a share that is growing.

Dr. EHLER concluded the meeting with some positive points. He welcomed Prof. BORCHARDT’s willingness to work on a “Master Plan for Coal” with the active input of industry.

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