11th Coal Dialogue puts LCP BREF in the limelight

The 11th EC-EURACOAL Coal Dialogue examined the future role of coal in Europe and current challenges with Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, Director in DG Energy for the Internal Energy Market, Marianne Wenning, Director in DG Environment for Quality of Life, Water and Air, and Céline Gauer, Director in DG Competition for Markets and Cases concerning energy and environment.

Simon-Lewis, Director at the White Rose CCS project which is the preferred bidder in the UK’s £1 billion CCS commercialisation programme, argued in favour of CCS to ensure UK energy security while keeping energy-intensive industries in the country.

Hans ten Berge, Secretary General of EURELECTRIC, warned that the LCP BREF review process had turned into a “coal bashing” exercise, not in response to any real risk from air pollution, but to reduce GHG emissions, whatever the cost. He called for the Commission to take a holistic approach when proposing amendments to the IED BAT conclusions, reflecting a true cost-benefit analysis.

In his conclusions, the Secretary-General of EURACOAL said that the choice is now clear: either we are realistic and accept that it is sensible to invest in coal during the energy transition, or we fail and run old assets for longer, consuming more fuel and emitting more CO2.

The Head of Unit dealing with Retail Markets: Coal and Oil at DG Energy, Jan Panek, concluded by acknowledging the role of coal as the quiet, reliable fuel that will likely be in any future energy mix due to its advantages of affordability, security of supply and reliability.

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