EURACOAL on the war in Ukraine

Dear EURACOAL members,

The hashtag #StandWithUkraine expresses our feelings, but what can we as individuals actually do to help the people of Ukraine in this time of deep crisis in Europe?  Colleagues working for DTEK, our member in Ukraine, are on the front line, working with the army to ensure critical infrastructure is operational.  To secure Ukraine’s electricity supply, ENTSO-E must urgently synchronise the now isolated Ukrainian power system with the EU system.

As refugees pour out of the country – women and children escaping the war now being fought by their husbands and fathers – Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania are working to accommodate what will quickly become millions of people, each needing food and shelter.  This will be a huge undertaking involving many other countries: some have already simplified their visa systems.

EURACOAL member companies, such as Polska Grupa Gornicza in Poland, are providing support through fundraising among employees, collection of medical supplies and equipment, and also crucial help with a special psychological assistance programme.  The mining and energy industry shows its unity.

You can contribute to similar national fundraising efforts or alternatively make a donation to the International Red Cross appeal  at that aims to raise 250 million Swiss francs.

The whole of Europe is at one with Ukraine, terrified by what is happening now and worried about what might happen next.  We must all prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  The coal sector is well placed to help wean Europe off its heavy dependence on coal, oil and gas imported from Russia.  That is our mission.

Yours sincerely,

Vladimír Budinský


Tomasz Rogala

Senior Vice President

Lars Kulik

Vice President

Photo © NASA, ID: ISS065-E-363000, taken 8 September 2021